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DeadLight 2012
DeadLight 2012

[Imagen: 3f4914a4dc495d837169565dbd739c23o.jpg]

2012 | PC | Language & Sound Language : English | Developer : Tequila Works Publisher : Microsoft | 2.63GB
Genre : Arcade (Platform) / 3D / 3rd Person

Game Deadlight, – it is an alternative 1986-th, when the world faced a new threat of apocalyptic – a mysterious viral infection, to convert people in the "shadow", or just a zombie. In this case, unlike the vast majority of such projects, Deadlight, you would not believe – puzzle-platformer. That is not so much have to shoot, how to think."1986 th was not chosen by chance – says the executive director of the studio Raul Rubio (Raul Rubio). – This is the time remember the active exploration of outer space and the output of films such as Rambo: First Blood and Day of the Dead. Mix it all – and get a unique visual style. "

Down in the half-dead north-west coast of British Columbia (Canada) and the United States, Randall Wayne will be looking for weapons and other survivors. "You do not need to fight for the truth, or to save the world – continues Mr. Rubio. – This is the story Randall, its problems, feelings, and desires. " The script is written Spanish playwright Antonio Rodzhano (Antonio Rojano), which was inspired by the works of Stephen King, James Ballard and Cormac McCarthy.

"You will understand that in this world, even the simple act like cross the street becomes incredibly difficult and dangerous" – continue to developers. Promised a reliable physical model, on which will be based puzzles. The creation of "alternative world of paranoia and chaos" by a team of 22 people, who previously worked for companies such as Blizzard, Pyro Studios, Sony ..

Features repack
* Installing additional. Software.
* Do not cut / pinched game resources.
* Installation time ~ 2 minutes.

System requirements:
Operating system: – Windows Vista / 7 / XP
Processor: – Intel Core 2 Duo processor with a clock frequency of 2.0 GHz
Memory: – 2 GB
Video: – 256 MB memory
Sound system: – compatible with DirectX
Place on Hard disk space: – 4.9 GB

[Imagen: 77c747d2be124a12de02f3cc5862c4fco.jpg]

[Imagen: 8b5c0c0f4d39fe490b592126dcfce7f4o.jpg]

[Imagen: 1458dfb895dc139712af2b9c0117f51eo.jpg]


1. Descargar el juego y luego descomprimir con Winrar o Winzip DVD
2. Instalar el juego
3. jugar








DeadLight [En/Ru] (RePack/1.0.9249
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